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Création 2019 pour la formation professionnelle PERFORMACT


“All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.” 

― Seán O'Casey

Truth here, another truth there…. Most of the concepts that we have in mind work in the duality of opposites: true / false, abstract / concrete, heaven / hell, pain / pleasure, initiatory death / rebirth.

The contradictions are inseparable, complementary and fight at the same time. Human tendency is to approach life and various situations with a radical or a moderate point of view...

Who is right? seek for a balance and with humour, play with the complexity of human relationship.

Choreography & dramaturgy 

Chloé Beillevaire



Collaborator and external view on choreography and Dramaturgy

Francisca Crisóstomo López

PERFORMACT' performers

Henar Garcia Herranz, Małgorzata Piastowska, Natacha Campos, Victor Gomes, Paulina Będkowska, Leon Casper Stille, Gabriela Bondone, Katarzyna Paluch, Isadora Franco, Evie Cousins, Opazo Manuela, Juliana Fernandes, Aaron Lang


© Giorgius Portugalus

CREATIVE PROCESS  at Performact  (Torres Vedras, Portugal)

From mid January to February 2019


15 February at Performact 

24 June 2019 at Multiplicidades - Festival Internacional de Artes Performativas (Santa Cruz, Portugal)




© Giorgius Portugalus


An interview with Eliana Campo 


I take a real interest in human relations; happy, distorted, shifting, vicious, hypocritical, healthy… I like to observe the reactions and trends of people, especially the border between dominant and dominated. We are part of a society with rules, hierarchies and from birth we encounter several authority figures, within the family, the school, the work, in love or friendship...

These authorities figures are more or less oppressive, destructive, satisfactory... Depending on the circumstances, with time and experience we travel from one role to another. These roles change, respond, complement and do not exist without each other.

Human beings are surprising and their behaviors tainted with different colors, sometimes disappointing, absurd, amusing, frightening but mostly unexpected.


It's been a while I wanted to bring on stage these intricacies inherent of human relations and when Ricardo Ambrozio invited me to create a piece for Performact's students, I seized the chance. 

With the choreographic artist Francisca Crisóstomo López who has been following me since the start of the project, we selected a group of fifteen inspiring performers, with various backgrounds, skills, origins and tempers.

First of all we put this thematic on the table and questioned the students about the degree of obedience and responsiveness to a figure of authority. After receiving everyone's opinions, judgments and convictions, we realized that this theme immediately echoes personal experiences and reveals a conflict, an internal duality. From their answers, personalities, physicalities and qualities we created scenes of daily life, without concrete morals that give to the audience a freedom of interpretation.


Throughout my career I've been used to serve a choreographer, meet demands and requirements and many times I've been confronted to obstacles, dualities and loss of confidence. In daily life as in work, to maintain a distance, to find enough self-esteem to handle the situations and to be in agreement with itself, appears to me fundamental.

This recent choreographer posture leads me to think of a work method allowing the performers to recognize theirs tools and strengths, build self confidence and find a comfort zone to let their creativity run freely.


Nevermind the projects we undertake, the choices we make allow us to proceed further, leads us to an experience whether good or bad. Depending on the situation, we evolve, put itself in question, get injured, moved, satisfied… And soon or later we become aware of these transformations. 

Who is right? doesn't expect any obvious answers but raises a problematic inherent in human.


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